Living Twig Stick Insect Kit (Includes prepaid voucher for stick insect eggs)

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  • Is it a twig or an insect? Well, both, kind of - it's an insect that looks just like a twig and acts like one too Home too small for a conventional pet? Looking for an unusual pet for your children? Stick Insects are perfect for those with limited space and are something a little different to show your friends when they visit
  • Voucher for 8-10 Stick Insect eggs included, redeemable online. The eggs may hatch between arrival and up to 2 months later
  • Pop up 30cm habitat (foliage not included). The mesh net provides an airy home for your stick friends Can be hung, or placed on a table top
  • Includes paintbrush to transfer your newly hatched stick insects and an instruction guide including fun facts about your new pets
  • Average lifespan is 12 months. The expected lifespan of the Stick Insects is around 12 months and they will start laying eggs once they reach maturity at around 4-5 months old, so you can raise a whole new generation if you wish!
  • Please note: These insects are not native to Ireland and should not be released
  • Packaging may vary
  • Ages 4+ Adult supervision advised

Your Living Twig Stick Insect Kit includes:

  • 30cm tall super clear mesh habitat
  • Voucher to redeem for the eggs (stick insect eggs available year-round, weather permitting)
  • Instruction guide
  • Brush for transferring newly hatched insects