Archery Set Janod

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Robin Hood had better watch out, replacements are on their way! Fill your quiver with the wooden arrows and foam tips (so as not to hurt yourself) and set up your attractive cardboard targets by hanging them. You just have to shoot with your beautiful wooden bow to hit the centre of the target and show your precision! This colourful archery set is composed of a wooden bow, 3 arrows, a fabric quiver with a shoulder strap and 4 cardboard targets with cords . It is easy to adapt the distance and height to each player. From the age of 5, you can teach your child dexterity, fine motor skills and concentration by playing indoors and outdoors. This product is made of FSC® -certified and other controlled material. The Sherwood Forest set is waiting for you!

Age 5+

Dimensions 3 x 7 x 88,5 cm (1.18 x 2.75 x 34.64")
Material(s) Wood (beech, schima), EVA, cardboard
Box type Pretty closed box