Barnyard Friends Build & Spin

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Little ones will love joining these bright construction pieces together to create their own twisting turning farm-themed works of art.

  • This simple building set introduces toddlers to a range of skills through fun play.
  • As they place the gears on the activity board, toddlers build essential fine motor skills.
  • Seeing the gears turn helps young children learn about cause and effect - especially when they see that completed creations will spin with the twist of just one gear!
  • Set of 17 includes a sturdy plastic base, 8 large plastic gears in a variety of colours, 7 friendly animal characters, and a barn-shaped gear handle.
  • Plastic base measures 29cm L x 23cm W.
  • Ages 18 Months+

A trip to the barnyard is just a few spins away with the Build & Spin: Farm Friends. This portable playset's sturdy base comes with spaces for eight chunky gears complete with friendly, farm-themed toppers: a smiling pig, prancing horse, newborn chick, spotted cow, toothy rabbit, bearded goat, jumping sheep, and big red barn. Each kid-sized piece snaps securely into place, allowing kids to work on their fine motor skills as they construct and deconstruct their mix-and-match playset. When they're not imagining themselves down on the farm, learning new vocabulary words, or building up the muscles needed for fine motor control, kids can pass countless minutes twisting and turning Build & Spin: Farm Friends' colorful gears, which provide an exciting hands-on lesson in the concept of cause and effect. Unlike the actual barnyard, this playset is also easy to clean and take on the go.

Snap gears and friendly barnyard animals into this portable playset that helps toddlers hone their fine motor skills.

Includes seven smiling farm animals, including a pig, horse, rabbit, and more.

The colorful gears' turning and spinning actions teach kids lessons in cause and effect.

Mix-and-match building play lets kids construct and deconstruct their own playsets.