NeeDoh Gumdrop

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A gooey gummy squeeze sensation that has a super solid squish! NeeDoh Gumdrop features a temptingly textured feel that’s impossible to resist and is filled with a soft and stretchy dough-like material.

This vibrant NeeDoh ball is shaped like a big gumdrop sweet (except it’s sugar-free!). It comes in four assorted colours: pink, purple, orange and blue (picked at random) and is a great tool for improving children’s focus and concentration.

NeeDoh is a safe, non-toxic and child-friendly fidget toy that’s perfect for portable play. Play with it anywhere you like, from the car to the classroom! Nee Doh also makes a great gift or stocking filler. Ideal for 3+ years.

NeeDoh Gumdrop - product features:

  • Textured squishy fidget toys
  • 4 assorted colours (picked at random)
  • Made from a non-toxic, dough-like material
  • Suitable for 3+ years