Edx Education Crazy Tube Set

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  • CREATE DYNAMIC WATER SYSTEMS -- This water toy set features 72 open-ended attachments and a water pump. The 12 different tubing types and accessories fit together snugly for endless possibilities.
  • INSPIRE WATER-THEMED STEM -- Children will love observing and experimenting with the physics of water. Keep children engaged while they use their imaginations in water-themed role play!
  • DURABLE AND STURDY -- This set includes 12 suction cups to keep water systems in place. The plastic pump and complex tubing materials are also high quality and designed to last for years.
  • INCLUDES WATER PUMP -- Use the included pump to make water flow through your creations. Use critical thinking and problem-solving to creatively pump water from one place to another!
  • DEVELOP EARLY SKILLS -- Explore descriptive language, hand-eye coordination and creative thinking as children build systems and observe water movement!