FantaColour Peg Board

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Age: 4+ years old

A timeless composition game that has entertained generations of children.
Children are free to express their creativity and train their hand-eye coordination by inserting the colourful pegs into the board. 
The larger and more generous board makes the composition easier and the new coloured frame sets off the artwork.
The basket collects all the pegs and keeps them tidy once the game is over.

The child can compose freely or copy the examples from the 4 illustrated cards in 1:1 scale that are easier to reproduce.


150 pegs Ø 10 mm 5 colours, 1 board, 1 baske,t 1 frame, 1 folding leaflet with 4 full-size templates to copy

Educational Benefits

Fine Motor Skills

Manual Dexterity

Creative Thinking

Hand-Eye Coordination