Happy Day Doll's House (wood) Janod

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 Welcome to my home! This superb 3-story wooden dollhouse will delight all children who are looking for a real house to accommodate their favourite dolls. Children aged 3 years and up will be able to create their own world and make up their own stories for hours on end! This nicely decorated house, with its matching furniture, is very practical. The roof has been cut out to provide better access to the top floor. The house is suitable for figures up to 30 cm tall. It is equipped with a staircase and 2 wooden barriers. 12 pieces of furniture are also included: a bed, sink, dressing table, kitchen, table, 2 chairs, an armchair, lamp, coffee table, stool and a green plant.

  • 12 pieces of wooden furniture included
  • On 3 floors with stairs
  • Warm and nicely decorated for dolls up to 30cm (11.8")
  • Doll not included 
  • Dimensions 60.8 x 37.9 x 105.3 cm (23.9 x 14.9 x 41.5")