Magnetic Calendar Janod

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The ideal planner for the day-to-day routines of children aged 3 years and up

◦ A magnetic board with more than 68 magnets!

◦ Indicate the date, weather and mood of the day

Discover and learn with our 3 in 1 magnetic calendar! Learning about time is transformed into an exciting adventure for children aged 3 years and up. This multifunctional English-language magnetic calendar lets children mark the day's date, monitor the weather and share their mood for the day. It comes with 68 magnets in total, plus 3 bonus magnets (bee and ladybirds) for added customisation! The 8 year magnets ensure that this magnetic educational game can be used for a long time to come. It also comes with a rope for facilitated hanging purposes, transforming the product into a genuine decorative element. Imagine your child starting each day by updating their calendar, learning the concept of time and expressing their feelings. This magnetic calendar will become a routine for your toddler, every single morning! Every day is a new adventure and this planner is the perfect planning tool. Plus, the pastoral decorations make it feel like spring all year round! In summary, our magnetic calendar is much more than a toy, it's a daily learning companion. It provides a fun yet educational experience, whilst also being a beautiful addition to your child's bedroom. With our magnetic planner, every day is a new opportunity to discover and learn about the world around us. The magnetic game is made from FSC™-certified cardboard. English version.