Motion Controlled Quadoptor Blue V3

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Many features to make flying easier Auto take-off and land, altitude hold, headless mode… (don’t worry, we’re not talking about decapitation!) these are just a few of the amazing features that this drone has to offer. Flying has never been easier. With the motion of your hand, summon or send away your trusty travel companion to locations of your choosing (just don’t be a jerk). Let’s go fly a drone, up to a higher zone… Just a spot o’ Poppins – with a modern twist. And, just like Mary Poppins, this drone can reach great heights. It has an altitude hold feature to maintain a certain height, saving you from running around after your crashed drone like a headless chicken. Speaking of headless, why not try headless mode – you won’t have to worry about the direction the drone is facing when controlling it, and it’ll even be able to do 360-degree flips. It’ll make you dizzy with excitement. For the tech obsessed, or the gadget newbie We don’t want to drone on and on – you get enough of that in education and at home – but this product is a real highflyer! Dial up your love of tech (whether you’re no stranger to the drone world, or just getting started) with this mouse-style remote control. Fun begins at the wave of your hand. Please use responsibly (see book for more info).

  • Depth: 3.5 CM
  • Height: 15.5 CM
  • Width: 15.5 CM
  • Steer this drone using only hand gestures!
  • Altitude lock and one-button take-offs and landings
  • Perform incredible 360° flips at the touch of a button
  • Headless mode for easier control and performance
  • Under 250 grams - does not require registration
  • USB + Batteries for controller (3x AAA)
  • Blue
  • Age 10+