STEM Explorers™ Brainometry

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Curious young minds solve the secrets of shapes as they use the included 24 x 3D shape pieces to complete the challenges shown on the STEM challenge cards that come with STEM Explorers™ Brainometry™ set. The challenges on the 10 double-sided challenge cards put your child’s critical thinking, spatial reasoning and problem solving skills to the test while also building colour recognition and fine motor skills. This hands-on learning set is ideal for use in a classroom, at a STEM club or at home.

STEM Explorers™ Brainometry™ is the fun way to build spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and fine motor skills.

  • Use the 24 included 3D shapes to solve the 2D pattern challenges shown on the STEM challenge cards.
  • The 24 colourful pieces come in 4 different colours and patterns which helps to boost colour ahd shape recognition skills while children play.
  • Includes 24 shapes and 10 double-sided challenge cards.
  • Largest piece measures 2.5cm H x 3.5cm W.
  • Pieces are easy to wipe clean after use, and store inside the reusable packaging.