Summit Sums Game

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As they race towards Betty the Yeti’s trophy, kids will ascend an imposing multi-tiered 3D mountain that adds a touch of adventure to every round of this educational game.

  • Children need to solve addition and subtraction problems in order to ascend the mountain and win Betty the Yeti’s trophy.
  • Designed for 2 to 4 players, this board game makes a fun addition to family game night or classroom game collections.
  • This maths game for kids 4 to 8 makes a fun addition to family game night or classroom game collections.
  • Includes game board with 3D mountain, 10 boulder counters dice, 100 equation cards, cardboard standees, yeti figure and How to Play Guide.

Do you have the math skills it takes to reach the summit and win? Kids solve Betty the Yeti's addition and subtraction problems as they race their way up the multi-tiered 3-D mountain during rounds of Summit Sums, a math game from Learning Resources. As they make their way up the this educational game’s mountain, kids will draw Betty the Yeti’s equation cards-answer the addition or subtraction problem correctly to advance that number of spaces. Watch out, though-this math game mountain comes with its fair share of hazards, from gigantic boulders to that meddlesome Frankie the Goat, who’d love nothing more than to block the path of an advancing mountaineer! The first player to the top wins this educational game, and claims Betty the Yeti’s trophy for their very own! Designed for 2-4 players, this math game makes a great addition to family game night or classroom collections of board games for kids 4-8!