The How I Survived Game

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  • Games that Teach: Once you have your tokens, you’ll have to stretch your imagination to create your own survival plan through problem-solving and creative thinking! Practice improvisation and make your plan clever, witty or funny. Do whatever it takes to convince the judge to award you survival rations.
  • Easy to Play: The judge for the round reads a ridiculous scenario out loud. The other players race to grab object chips – will that toilet bowl help you? What about the pogo stick?
  • Quick Thinking: Your bed is floating in an ocean! Your dog turned into a zombie! With only your brain power and whatever 3 wacky objects you manage to grab, you’ll have to create your goofiest, craziest and best survival plan.
  • Laugh Till You Cry: Defeating a giant llama with hot sauce? Surviving lunch-lady ninjas with a bucket of worms? This wild and weird think-on-your-feet game will have your kids in fits of giggles! And whoever has the most scoring rations at the end of the game wins!
  • Includes: 55 double-sided object chips, 80 survival scenario cards, 75 scoring rations, 30-second timer and instructions. For 4 or more players.
  • Ages 8 and up