KaBlocks Blast

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  • Toys that Teach: Preschoolers will learn the basics of physics and build fine and gross motor skills as they stack the foam building blocks, then stomp on the launch pad to blow their creation to bits (kaboom!)
  • Construct Vibrant Creations: The soft foam blocks in this set come in an array of shapes, sizes and colors, and easily stack into tall, teetering towers on the special building platform
  • Explosive Fun: KaBlocks Blast uses kinetic force rather than air power to send soft foam blocks soaring over 6 feet into the air; even the smallest three-year-old can create impressive explosions time after time
  • Exciting Experimentation: What goes up, must come down; caregivers can experiment with children by building with more or less blocks to see how the size of the build changes how high the blocks launch
  • This foam building blocks set includes 30 foam blocks, 2 launch blocks, a building platform, a launch pad and easy-to-use instructions (Ages 3 and up)