Rummikub Travel

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Looking for a fun, fast-paced game that’s perfect for travel? Look no further than Rummikub! This unique game combines elements of strategy and luck, making it a blast for players of all ages. To start, each player is dealt a set of tiles, numbered 1-13 in four different colors. The goal is to be the first player to play all of their tiles by creating runs (sequences of numbers in the same colour) or sets (groups of the same number in different colors). Players can also manipulate the board by moving existing runs or sets around to create new ones. With so many possible ways to play, Rummikub is a game that’s always different and always exciting. So round up your friends and family and get ready for some fun!

  • The numbers strategy game that's never the same.
  • The fast-paced game of tile manipulation.
  • Place all your tiles from your rack on the table.
  • Be the first to go "Rummikub" to win.
  • Suitable for 2-4 players.
  • Age 7+