With just over three weeks until Christmas 2023, our top toy expert Ruth takes a look at the top toys for Christmas 2023 in Ireland.

Ruth will attempt to make your toy shopping even more simple by highlighting the top trending toys for 2023.

  • Crazy Forts Glow in the Dark

    Just add bedsheets for endless fun! Crazy Fort is powered by a child's imagination. A single Crazy Fort Kit contains 25 geometrically precise balls and 44 sticks that connect to create a multitude of possible play structures. Simply throw a bed sheet over top and watch their creativity flourish.

    Make Your Own Crazy Fort!

    Create a Cave one day, an Igloo, Pirate Ship or Castle the next put the pieces together in different configurations, that glows in the dark. Toys that promote collaborative play between boys and girls are few and far between. The more they have, the better it gets as multiple kit structures are even more impressive.

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  • Pop It Pro

    Pop It! goes electric! Brand new for 2023, the addictive bubble popping classic meets fast fun electronic gaming!

    Pop all the lit bubbles as soon as they appear, and then press the big button on the back to reset the bubbles before time runs out! Keep popping the bubbles fast to level up. Keep up with Pop It! Pro to see how many levels you can complete!.

    Pop It! Pro is bubble popping sensory fun for all ages, with 3 modes of gameplay - including a clever multiplayer mode and a solo player blitz mode! This sensory game will keep kids occupied for hours. With no pieces or parts, the self-contained durable design is perfect for travel. Now play the addictive, bubble popping sensory game like never before! Oh how fun it is to P-O-P this Christmas!

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  • Kluster Magnetic Dexterity Game

    Our best-selling tabletop game so far this year, Kluster is sure to be a hit for Christmas 2023. Kluster is a dexterity game that's incredibly fun, really simple, accessible to everyone and still full of strategy! Kluster’s rules can be explained in no time: Magnetic stones are equally shared between players, who must, in turn, place one stone inside the area delimited by the cord. The first player to get rid of his or her magnets wins. But beware, when stones kluster together during one player’s turn, he or she collects them!

    Age: 14 plus

    1 to 4 players

    *** Note: Kluster is currently out of stock but we expect it back in stock around the 12th of December (in time for Christmas Delivery!!). Sign up on the product page to be notified when Kluster is back in stock. ***

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  • Connetix Magnetic Tiles 92 Piece Ball Run Pack

    Adults and children alike will delight in the limitless open-ended STEAM learning opportunities our 92 piece Ball Run Expansion Pack will inspire.

    This pack features our unique exclusively designed clear fluted tubes, 6 rainbow wooden balls, x2 special effect stair soundscape tubes, x2 S-bend tubes AND a split tube for racing fun! Also including connector tiles, this is the perfect expansion pack to explore gravity and motion.

    As an open-ended quality toy, Connetix will grow WITH your child as they learn and their play becomes more complex. Complement your Ball Run Expansion Pack with our 40 piece Expansion Pack and Base Plates Pack to take your ball run creations to the next level.

    Recommended Age: 3+ (contains magnets and small parts)

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  • Stomp Rocket Ultra

    The Stomp Rocket Ultra launches rockets up to 200 feet in the air.

    Part of the Stomp Rocket range, it is guaranteed to provide all ages with endless hours of fun.

    An excellent STEM toy which encourages learning through play and will keep the kids playing outdoors for hours.

    100% kid-powered. No batteries required. Super easy, fast assembly.

    Includes 4 Ultra Stomp Rockets, Launch Stand, Launch Pad with Air Hose.

    Foam-tipped rockets fly up to 200 feet in the air.

    Fun for solo play or take turns with 2-3 kids.

    Refill rockets available here Age: 6+

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  • Chicken vs Hotdog: The Ultimate Challenge Party Game

    Introducing Chicken Vs Hotdog, a family party game about flipping chickens and throwing hot dogs into the air.

    It’s a race to flip ‘em and stick ‘em. Just turn over a card and flip your character into the air. Nail the landing and you’ll be one step closer to victory.

    Chicken Vs Hotdog is a party game for 2-10 players. Challenge another player head-to-head or invite the whole family over for a big-team showdown.

    A fun and frantic family game for the entire family, a great one to play at Christmas. It only takes 10 seconds to learn… but we guarantee you’ll be flipping and sticking for hours.

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  • Croke Park 3D Puzzle

    Are you searching for the perfect gift for a GAA fan? Well it's time to call off your search thanks to this exciting 3D puzzle of Croke Park stadium. This superb replica stadium puzzle is perfect for GAA fans aged seven to 70! This 3D model of Croke Park stadium can be recreated in spectacular colour and detail in around two hours without the need for scissors, tools or glue making it a must for GAA fans.

    The puzzle contains 135 pieces and the finished stadium measures 38cm x 34cm x 9cm.

    This product is an official licensed product of the GAA.

    Contents: 135 3D pieces puzzle

    Ages 7 +.

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  • Snap Circuits Green Energy

    Snap Circuits Learn the basics of electronics and modern alternative energy with Snap Circuits Green Energy.

    Explore clean energy concepts, such as electric cars, windmills, and hand-generated power.

    Includes full-color manual and separate “Think Green” educational manual that explains environmentally-friendly energy including geothermal, hydrogen fuel cells, wind, solar, tidal, hydro, and others.

    Illustrated, easy-to-use, full-color project manual. Contains approx. 45 parts and 125 projects.

    Perfect for environmentalists and future engineers! Ages: 8+

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  • Bainisteoir Board Game

    Bainisteoir Board Game is a new Gaelic Games themed board games, released at the end of 2021.

    This is the family friendly, 2-4 player board game that will test your managerial skills, as you lead your team to All Ireland glory!

    Age: 8 to adult

    Game time : 45 mins – 60 mins

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  • Castle Escape Wooden Marble Run

    The multi-award winning wooden marble run by Hape  is sure to entertain this Christmas. This beautiful  STEM toy develops their imagination, problem solving skills, counting, color identification and more while playing while “escaping the castle walls”.

    Quadrille marble runs help children to develop spatial and reasoning abilities, and has even been highlighted as a developmental tool for computer programming by the wall street journal!

    Made from a renewable resource – you want the very best for your child and Hape delivers! This toy uses non-toxic, renewable materials that can also be recycled!

    Ages 4 +

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  • Codenames

    Codenames is THE #1 party boardgame (just ask BoardgameGeek) with simple, easy to learn rules and challenging game play.

    Two teams compete to make contact with all their agents first. Two spymasters give one-word clues that point to certain Codenames on the board. Their team mates must solve the clues while avoiding their opponent’s agents and the shady assassin.

    Players: 4 – 8

    Age: 10 to adult

    Game time: 15 min

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  • The Sock Game

    The Sock Game board game is the perfect addition to your family game night! In this speedy sensory game, each team has a large fluffy sock filled with thirty different items. One player turns the spinner on the board – once the arrow lands on an object, it’s a frantic race to find that object! The first player to find their object wins a point.

    It’s fun for kids and adults alike!

    Players : 2 +

    Ages: 8 – Adult

    Game time : 5 – 30 mins

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