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Our Top Toys for 8 year olds

Looking for Toys for 8 year olds? We’ve created this list of our favourite toys for 8 year olds. The world is so full of wonder when you are a 8 year old. At this age there’s so much to learn, see and do. Your child’s imagination is bursting with ideas and craving learning opportunities.

Your 8 year old’s pretend play is becoming more imaginative and creative, their fine motor skills are improving allowing them to better grip and handle smaller toys and complete more complex tasks

Fun Educational toys are an ideal way to support ongoing learning. At 8 years old, they’re at the ideal age to introduce more complex toys such as coding and programming robot toys, early science learning, hands-on experiments, fun outdoor play and discovery, construction and more. It’s important to remember the main thing your child needs from playing with you is to have fun. It’s important not to turn play into ‘lessons’. Try and provide an interesting environment and enough time to play, and follow your child’s lead.

  • Hydraulic Cyborg Hand Kit

    The Hydraulic Cyborg Hand Kit is a multi award-winning STEM toy was included in Time Magazine’s best inventions of 2021.

    Explore hydraulics, pneumatics, and robotics with your very own GIANT hydraulic hand! Using over 200 plastic pieces and piston tubes that you fill with water, build an awesome mechanical hand that uses hydraulic power to simulate the movements of the human hand–no motors or electricity required!

    The perfect toy for an 8 year old who is interested in Science, Engineering or Construction.

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  • Master Detective Toolkit Forensic Kit

    Grab this briefcase full of investigator’s tools and get ready to track down some crooks! Learn about how detectives use forensic science to answer questions, gather evidence, and solve crimes. Experiment with the equipment and techniques used by real detectives to develop your own observation and problem-solving skills.

    The 32-page, full-colour experiment book guides your investigations with rich illustrations and step-by-step instructions. This is an inventive, engaging way to learn real science through roleplaying in imaginary adventures.

    Age: 8 +

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  • Diamond Quest Smart Games

    Enter the Smart Games diamond mine and dig up all of the jewels and discover the location of the red diamond. Use the ‘mine’ of information offered by the hints and clues in each challenge to help. The deeper you dig, the more your deduction skills will be tested!

    Diamond Quest is a unique puzzle game featuring 80 challenges, from easy to expert.

    Age: 10+Solo player gameChallenges: 80

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  • Kanoodle Fusion Light-Up Puzzle Game

    Kanoodle takes a colorful twist with this brain-bending, color-mixing puzzle! Choose one of 50 color-blending challenges, place the pieces shown, then use the remaining pieces to complete the puzzle, stacking translucent primary-colored pieces to create any secondary colors needed. There are hundreds of possible combinations, but only one completes the puzzle! Pieces fit neatly inside handy pocket-sized case for easy portability and fun on the go. Includes puzzle board/carry case, 13 puzzle pieces, and puzzle book with 50 challenges

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  • Brainbolt

    It’s time for the ultimate memory test with BrainBolt®! Brainbolt was our top-selling game at Cogs for 2021. Challenge your brain by memorising the light sequence and following along for as long as you can without breaking the pattern. Sound easy? Not so fast! Take the challenge and see why BrainBolt is an addicting puzzle game to play until you win.

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  • Snap Circuits My Home

    Snap Circuits My Home helps you to learn more about electricity in a fun way. Electricity is everywhere – even in your home. Whether you live in a city skyscraper or a house in the country, our homes are powered by electricity. It’s not magic, it’s science, and it’s easy to learn. Build a house or city tower with real, working, 3-D circuits, just like the ones you use every day. With seven colorful base grids to make your structure your own, learn how electricity travels and powers your home.

    • How does the electric company get power to your house?
    • What happens when you turn on a light?
    • How does power travel inside your walls?
    • What happens when the power goes out?
    • What are fuses and circuit breakers and how do they work?
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  • The Fuzzies

    The Fuzzies is a game about creating gravity-defying towers out of fuzzy little balls.

    Draw a card a remove that colour of fuzzy using either tweezers or your fingers but you can not get out of your seat. Stick it anywhere higher on the tower.

    If you are successful then the next player goes but if any balls drop, you must draw cards equal to the number of balls dropped and do the challenge on your next turn (e.g. remove a Fuzzy while covering your eye)

    The game ends when someone oafishly knocks over the tower. That player is the loser, everyone else wins!

    Age: 6 and up

    2 or more players

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Other Great Toys for 8 Year Olds