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Toys for 11 Year Olds

  • Diamond Quest

    Enter the Smart Games diamond mine and dig up all of the jewels and discover the location of the red diamond. Use the ‘mine’ of information offered by the hints and clues in each challenge to help. The deeper you dig, the more your deduction skills will be tested!

    Diamond Quest is a unique puzzle game featuring 80 challenges, from easy to expert.

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  • Kanoodle Fusion Light-Up Puzzle Game

    Kanoodle Fusion takes a colorful twist with this brain-bending, color-mixing puzzle! Choose one of 50 color-blending challenges, place the pieces shown, then use the remaining pieces to complete the puzzle, stacking translucent primary-colored pieces to create any secondary colors needed. There are hundreds of possible combinations, but only one completes the puzzle! Pieces fit neatly inside handy pocket-sized case for easy portability and fun on the go. Includes puzzle board/carry case, 13 puzzle pieces, and puzzle book with 50 challenges.

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  • BrainBolt Light Up Memory Game

    It’s time for the ultimate memory test with BrainBolt! Challenge your brain by memorising the light sequence and following along for as long as you can without breaking the pattern. Sound easy? Not so fast! Take the challenge and see why BrainBolt is an addicting puzzle game to play until you win. Challenge yourself or go head-to-head with a friend to see who can remember the most. BrainBolt’s handheld design is perfect to go anywhere you want to play.

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  • Snap Circuits Arcade

    Snap Circuits Arcade is an exciting introduction to problem-solving, following directions, and the satisfaction of a job well done. It’s fun like an Arcade while supporting a vigorous STEM curriculum. Snap Circuits® uses building pieces with snaps to assemble different electronic circuits on a simple “rows and columns” base grid that function like the printed circuit board found in most electronic products. Each component is easily identifiable by a different color and functional purpose. Learn the basics of electricity, engineering, and circuitry with full color, curriculum rich, easy-to-follow instructions.

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  • Ultra Bionic Blaster

    Construct an air-powered robotic glove that launches safe foam darts. Learn about pneumatics — technologies that use pressurized air to perform work — and many cool mechanisms as you assemble the blaster from over 100 pieces.

    After you’ve built and tested your blaster, slide it on and strap it to your wrist. The first pull of the trigger causes the scissor arm to lift up the barrels and launch the first dart. Pull the trigger two more times to launch the next two darts. Grab some additional darts from the reserve clip under your wrist and reload. The blaster is entirely powered by your hand and the amazing pneumatic system — no batteries or motors required!

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  • Croke Park 3D Puzzle

    Are you searching for the perfect gift for a GAA fan? Well it’s time to call off your search thanks to this exciting 3D puzzle of Croke Park stadium. This superb replica stadium puzzle is perfect for GAA fans aged seven to 70!  This 3D model of Croke Park stadium can be recreated in spectacular colour and detail in around two hours without the need for scissors, tools or glue making it a must for GAA fans.

    The puzzle contains 135 pieces and the finished stadium measures 38cm x 34cm x 9cm.

    This product is an official licensed product of the GAA.

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  • Bainisteoir Board Game

    Bainisteoir is the ultimate test of your ability as a Gaelic Games manager. Using the unique Gaelic Games transfer market, can you build a team that will reach All-Ireland glory as you battle it out against other counties? You will need to manage your own finances and team selection as you plot your path to victory, overcoming obstacles that will be thrown at you along the way. Bainisteoir is a 2-4 player board game that is sure to entertain and challenge players.

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  • Q-Bitz Extreme

    Players each get their own Q-bitz Extreme board with 16 cubes, and race to be first to replicate the curving pattern to win the card. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is declared the Extreme champion! Game variations include rolling the cubes until you get the correct shapes needed to complete the pattern, studying the card for ten seconds before turning it over and recreating the pattern from memory, and a special round of game play where you create the pattern in reverse! Includes 80 pattern cards.Players: 2 to 4 players.

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  • Klask: The Magnetic Game Of Skill

    Klask is a game of skill that requires you to guide your steering magnet under the game table to shoot a ball and score in your opponent’s goal. You’ll need fast hands and quick thinking if you want to win this game. Klask is like a fast-paced table-top version of Air Hockey, only it uses multiple magnets and a small round ball.Swedish Game of the Year 2015; Norwegian Game of the Year 2015.

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  • Anomia Card Game

    Normally, it’s easy to give an example of a dog breed or a frozen food – but you’ll find that your brain works differently under pressure. Anomia is the cards game where common knowledge becomes uncommonly fun. Flip cards until symbols on two players’ cards match. Matching players must race to give an example of the category on their opponent’s card. Whoever blurts out a correct answer first wins their opponent’s card, and drawing continues. Sounds easy, right? Think again!

    This is a brilliant party game that will have you shouting and shrieking with laughter. There are two decks so you can swap them or mix them to prevent repeats if you’re playing all night. Makes a great icebreaker and can be played with up to six people

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  • Bingo Bears

    When you play bingo with these bears, it’s never the same game twice! Kids build counting, color, and other toddler preschool learning skills every time they challenge the Bingo Bears from Learning Resources. This skill-building take on the classic game of bingo gets kids thinking from the very beginning—with this toddler brain toy, you build your own bingo cards, so it’s never the same game twice! Once kids have assembled their cards, they can choose from this set’s two smart bingo game modes—kid can either match their pieces by number, or sort and match by color and size on their way to victory! In addition to building school-ready counting and color skills, kids also learn essential social-emotional learning skills, including taking turns, following directions, and more.

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