5 In 1 Outdoor Measure Mate

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Measure Mate

Learning Resources 5-in-1 outdoor measure-mate. This versatile five-in-one tool is the perfect way to introduce the concept of measurement to young learners in an outdoor setting. Whether you use it for non-standard measuring or the introduction of standard units, The primary aim of the measure-mate is for young learners to have fun exploring and measuring the natural landscape. Its robust build ensures it will cope with vigorous use in rough terrain and all components can be returned and stored in the included handy mesh bag. The 5-in-1 outdoor measure-mate can be configured into many measurement tools including: vertical measure, callipers, trundle wheel, spirit level and measuring stick, ensuring children have all the tools needed to explore. Two-piece set includes two x caliper jaws, trundle wheel featuring bird ‘footprint’ tread, handle/base, measuring stick showing centimetres and inches, sheet of colourful stickers, mesh storage bag and activity guide. Suitable for ages 4+.