Catan - Traveler Compact Edition

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Was it too windy on the beach for a game of CATAN® ? Was the table too small to set up the island? Were you unable to settle CATAN® because there were only two of you? Or did you always have to leave CATAN® at home because there was no room left for it in your suitcase? "CATAN® - Traveler" would have prevented all this from happening.

  • All of the game components fit in a case that occupies half the space required to store the "CATAN®"
    base game.

  • The game pieces are stored in drawers.

  • During play, you can take the pieces directly from there as needed, and you can put them back into the drawers after the game has ended.

  • Roads, settlements, and cities have small pegs that allow you to securely plug them into the holes
    in the game board.

  • That way, gusts of wind or an accidental jostle won't jumble up the pieces you have placed on the
    game board.

  • The two dice are stored in a dice shaker with transparent cover, which is why they practically can't be lost.

  • You can roll the dice everywhere - even if no flat surface is available or there isn't enough space to
    throw the dice with your hand.

  • It takes only a couple of seconds to set up the game board for "CATAN® - Traveler."

  • Open the case and place the 6 double-sided game board pieces.

  • Since you can randomly combine the board pieces, there are hundreds of different ways to set up
    the island.

  • As with the "CATAN®" base game, besides completely balanced terrain hex distributions the compact version also allows for set-ups containing very few hexes of a particular terrain type, for example, mountains or hills.

  • People frequently travel in pairs.

  • In order for you to settle CATAN® together with your partner, the compact version includes the tried
    and tested 2-player rules and the corresponding game components.