Code & Go® Robot Mouse Classroom Set

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Bring STEM learning to life in your classroom with this comprehensive, best-selling code and go mouse set. The Code & Go® Robot Mouse Classroom Set comes with everything pupils need to help them master early coding skillsets through hands-on activities. This set includes 2 full Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Sets, 2 additional Colby the Mouse coding robots (4 robots total), a Code & Go Robot Mouse Maths set, and a Code & Go Robot Mouse Board Game.

STEM and coding come alive with this comprehensive code and go mouse set with 4 interactive robots ready for hands-on coding fun in your classroom!

  • Perfect for classroom learning, this set will help teachers plan interactive STEM lessons that introduce the fundamentals of coding through a range of fun, hands-on activities.
  • Each resource in this classroom bundle helps children learn basic programming concepts such as if-then thinking, algorithms, sequential logic, debugging, problem-solving, and more.
  • Children also build transferable skills including critical thinking, communication, social skills, and spatial reasoning.
  • The range of products in this educational set gives teachers resources that will appeal to children with diverse interests and learning styles.
  • This great value set includes: 2 x Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Sets, 2 x Code & Go Robot Mouse products (a total of 4 programmable robot mice), 1 Code & Go Mouse Mania Board Game, and 1 x Code & Go Robot Mouse Maths Pack. Each includes a supporting Activity Guide.
  • Recommended for junior infants - 2nd Class
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