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Communication Passport Autism

An Autism Communication Passport is a key component to helping your child transition to school for the first time. An Autism Communication Passport can also be used with a student on their return to school after an extended period of non-attendance, such as the summer holidays. If a new teacher takes over the class mid-way through the year, there will usually be a hand-over between the outgoing and incoming teacher, where essential information is given about their students.

As a parent, you may wish to create an up to date Communication Passport for the incoming teacher.

Product Description:

A 21page (including cover) Printed A4 resource.

The Communication Passport provides detailed sample topic descriptors for parents/caregivers to fill in for their child/loved one supporting their transition/return to school.

Topics included:

Personal Identification Information

Family/Important People

Communication (How does the child communicate?)

Child's Favourite Items/Activities

Child's Dislikes

Child's Strengths

Child's Challenges

Challenging Times (How to support the child when upset/anxious/afraid)

How To Support The Child

Self Help Skills ( What can the child do for themselves)

Supporting Self Help Skills

Child's Sensory Profile

Medical & Allergy Information

Food Preferences

Pay Close Attention

Therapist Details

Additional Information

Resource is full colour print, is bound and contains a laminated front and back cover.

If you are unsure on how to fill in a Communication Passport, please go to for detailed blog posts on the topic.

10% of the sale price of the My Communication Passport will go to AsIAm - Ireland's National Autism Charity. To find out more about AsIAm go to

This item is not a toy, and must be used under adult supervision.