CONFIDENT? Party Game - A Quiz Game with a Brilliant Twist - Adults, Kids, Families & Teenagers

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The more you're sure, the more you score!

CONFIDENT? is an exciting new party game with a unique and outRANGEous twist. You get asked curious questions, but instead of giving a specific answer, you answer with a range. You only need to get it in your range to win points so everyone stands a chance. But, the smaller your range, the more points you win... will you be confident enough?

Thrilling, intriguing and fantastically funny

So you're looking for a cracking new game to captivate all the family, but, it also needs to blow your friends away. We have some good news... YOU'VE JUST FOUND IT! Even board game skeptics become CONFIDENT? converts

  • Curious questions get you all talking and laughing - they're varied, they're topical and they provoke hilarious answers

  • All ages and abilities can play together - you answer with a range so everyone stands a chance... but who will be the most confident?

  • Quick to pick up and play, and no one gets bored as everyone plays all the time

  • Becoming the go-to family game because all generations can play together - its outRANGEous twist evens the playing field