Dog Man Hot Dog Card Game Tin

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Petey has sprayed the Hot Dogs with "living spray," and they have all come to life! Turns out, Dog Man LOVES Hot Dogs, and is hungry to save the day. The player to eat the most Hot Dogs wins. Watch out - if Petey appears, all of the Hot Dogs go into hiding!

  • Action-packed card game: for 2 to 4 players from 5 years
  • Dog man loves hot dogs! All cards are hidden on the table. One after the other, players reveal the cards. Hot Dog cards remain open until either Dog Man or Petey appear. Dog Man loves hot dogs and loves them to eat. When he appears, all players have to grab as many hot dogs as they can. When Petey appears, all Hot Dogs are hiding again and all cards are covered again. The player who picks up the most cards wins.