Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 3D Puzzle

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A stunningly detailed three-dimensional puzzle that completes the well-known Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter series. The finished puzzle is 63 x 9 x 13.25 cm with a total of 460 pieces. Build yourself a piece of the magical world of Harry Potter!

Harry Potter always thought he was just an average kid, until he found out he truly is a wizard. He got invited to study at Hogwwarts, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In order to get to Hogwarts, one must travel with a specific train, which departs from King’s Cross Station Platform nine and three-quarters. When Harry finally gets a hint on how to access the hidden platform, he finds a red steam locomotive that runs a little differently than Harry is used to. The magical train transports Harry towards Hogwarts and a great adventure.

Now is your chance to build a fantastic miniature version of Hogwart Express, known from the Harry Potter series. The puzzle pieces are soft, smooth on the image side and made of dense foam on the back. They are easy to combine and assemble: the finished building becomes sturdy and impressive. The puzzle truly invites you to read the books of Harry Potter, over and over again. Wrebbit puzzles are designed and made with stunning and realistic details.