Magneti'Book Fairy Tales Story Book - Janod

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  • MAGNETIC SET : with this educational game in book form, your child will be able to create up to 10 fairy-tale characters by positioning the 30 magnetic pieces according to the instruction cards included (making a total of 40 items in the set)

  • EDUCATIONAL VALUE : studying the instructions and positioning the pieces accordingly will help children develop dexterity and precision movements, as well as to learn new words around the timeless theme of fairy tales

  • PRACTICAL : easy to carry, it can be used to play anywhere, alone or in groups. Its “book” is made of thick, rigid cardboard, making it easy to store on a child’s bookshelf

  • A COMPLETE COLLECTION : magneti'books are available on a range of different themes children love (animals, vehicles, letters, and more). The collection is a great way of combining learning and fun.

  • FRENCH DESIGN : janod toys are developed in the Jura region of France, paying special attention to the materials used, style and colours. Our products are original, bold, educational and thoughtful toys and games designed to support your children in their development, and to build their cognitive, fine motor and social skills