My Very First Games - Junior Animal Upon Animal Haba

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  • Three wobbly animal stacking games for 1 to 4 children ages 2 and up. Plays in about 10 minutes.

  • Your child can stack the animals in one or more towers in free play, or experiment with role play using the animal figures.

  • Both dice games introduce your child to playing by the rules, while the cooperative game both promotes a feeling of togetherness for the children and also lets them share experiences.

  • Toddlers will develop various skills and abilities while playing Animal Upon Animal Junior, including fine motor skills, precise observation, hand-eye coordination, and even an early grasp of physics.

  • Contents: 8 animals, 1 die, 1 green meadow, 1 blue waterhole, 8 sun tiles (with animals on the back), 2 shoreline tiles, 1 rulebook