Outdoor Mud Kitchen - Hape

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  • Includes a functional water tank and sink
  • You can even grow your plants in the hanging flower pots
  • 77 x 99 x 46 cm

Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you're cooking with mud, stones and water or even leaves and pine cones. If you have a green thumb, you can use the plant pots to grow your own flowers, fruits or vegetables! Whatever mess you enjoy creating in the great outdoors, this kitchen has everything and more.

Explore the great outdoors

This sturdy outdoor kitchen comes equipped with a variety of utensils that your child can use to explore their green thumb.

Made to last the seasons

Made from solid wood elements, our mud kitchen is made with weather in mind - no matter the time of year, this toy will stand tall and stable for playtime.

Develops key skills

A kitchen is a fun and engaging way for children to learn and develop new skills such as creativity, socialisation, and even cognitive development as they create their own scenarios, make decisions or utilise their critical thinking skills.