Scrunchems Stretchies Lucky Cat

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The Stretchies Lucky Cat can be squished and stretched in any direction. The Cat is filled with a sand-like material for a weighted feel. Pull her, squish her, squeeze her, crunch her – she will always come back for more! It is the perfect tool to help anyone unwind and relieve anxiety. It can help to develop grip and fine motor skills too.

Great for children and adults who love to fiddle and fidget.

The Stretchies Lucky Cat is ideal for those who respond to sensory, tactile, and visual stimulation. It can help those with ADD, ADHD, OCD, and Autism, by promoting focus, attention, and concentration.

  • - Lucky Cat stretchy toy
  • - Filled with sand for irresistible texture
  • - Squeeze, stretch, squish, and scrunch
  • - Returns to original shape
  • - Provides hours of entertainment and sensory stimulation
  • - Soft and squishy design for stress relief
  • - Perfect for imaginative play and lucky cat adventures
  • - Made with high-quality materials
  • - Compact size for on-the-go fun
  • Age 3+