Smash Down Game

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  • THINK! FIND! SMASH!: The fast-paced trivia game, where everyone knows the answer, but the winner is the first to find it and smash it!
  • WHO HAS THE FASTEST FINGER?: A modern twist on the family trivia game without long, boring rules! The question master reads out a question card and the players must race to smash the answer on the gameboards using their finger pointer and shout "Smash Down".
  • HOW TO WIN: The first player to point to the correct answer and shout wins the card. The first player to collect 6 cards wins the game!
  • EASY TO PLAY: Simple to grasp family friendly trivia game with 400 questions!
  • TURNING TRIVIA UPSIDE DOWN!: The question master can chose to move or flip the double-sided answer boards at any point for an ever changing trivia game.
  • Age 8- Adult
  • 3+ players