Stem Bins® Play & Learn Pack (Set Of 4)

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This Set of 4 has individual STEM Bins® Play & Learn Packs, each with all the materials students need to solve the included real world-inspired STEM challenges. The fun, hands-on tasks guide children through challenges that prompt creativity and critical thinking. Materials store inside the portable, convenient storage bins.

Get creativity and solve real world-inspired STEM challenges designed to encourage exploration and innovative thinking.

  • Each pack has 6 double-sided Task Cards that use real world-inspired STEM and engineering challenges to encourage invention, innovation, and problem-solving skills.
  • Ideal for use in the classroom in (junior infants to 3rd class) to encourage hands-on learning and exploration.
  • Each pack has 109 pieces, and items store in the tote, which measures 5cm H x 20cm W x 16cm L.
  • Also available as a single STEM Bins Play & Learn Pack.