Times Table Swat!

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This easy-to-play activity is perfect for reinforcing what children have been learning during lessons – ideal for family fun at home or as an end of lesson activity!

  • Children can learn essential multiplication skills with these colour-coded, friendly flies

  • Choose the times table you wish to practise before laying out the flies, then race to swat the correct answer first!

  • The player to collect the most flies wins

  • Game play covers the 2-12 times tables

  • Times Table Swat includes:

    • 132 colourful flies

    • Four swatters

    • Multilingual Activity guide

  • Features multilingual packaging

How to play

  • An adult calls out a question for the times table being practised

  • Players race to swat the fly showing the correct answer

  • The first player to swat the correct fly takes it and turns it over

  • If it reveals:

  • Fly spray – lose the fly and place it out of play

  • Stuck in the jam – keep the card but miss the next round of play

  • Friendly fly – keep the card and be the only player in play for the next round. If this player is unable to answer the next question correctly or answers incorrectly, the round is opened out to the remaining players to attempt

  • Continue calling questions and racing to swat flies until all flies are collected

  • The player to collect the most flies is the winner