Top Of The Class Board Game

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Top of the Class Board Game is a new Irish board game based on the Irish Primary school curriculum.

This is the brand new Irish general knowledge & trivia board game for all the family.

Invite your friends and family of all ages to play the brand new Irish board game for 2021 - Top Of The Class Game!


To achieve TOP OF THE CLASS status by cleverly navigating through the school year, and be first to progress once around the board.

To win, you must answer questions correctly, avoid hazzards, handle Principal's instructions (good and bad) and pass your 6 summer tests.

Featuring classic gameplay and gameboard, this game contains 2,700 fun questions broken down into 6 categories, based on school subjects, English, Maths, History, Science, Geography, General Knowledge.

Playtime: 45 mins to 60 mins.

Age 6 - Adult

Made in Ireland.