Unlock! Kids

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  • A collaborative card game inspired by the Escape Room. Unlock! allows you to live this experience comfortably in your home

  • Players must explore different settings to unravel clues, solve rebuses and puzzles and achieve victory

  • Unlock! Kids is the children's edition of the famous party game: mysteries and adventures suitable for children to have fun with family or friends

  • 3 stories full of puzzles, 2 adventures each: Feather balls and mysteries, Mac Unlock castle, Stir at the park

  • What does the box contain? 1 rules, 1 book of clues and solutions, 1 Tutorial (11 cards), 3 adventures (150 cards), 7 special components, 38 cardboard objects

  • Number of players: 1-4 | Recommended age: 6+ | Average duration: 20 min. |