Waboba LED Flyer

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  • KEEPY UPPY MEETS BADMINTON - Our Flyer is a cross between a hacky sack and badminton shuttlecock. Play on its own or check out our Voli Racket Set to play like badminton!
  • SOFT MATERIAL - Features a soft rubber shuttlecock with feathers so it won't break a window if thrown inside the house and doesn't hurt to catch. Play both day and night time with the LED feauture. Perfect for inside play on rainy days!
  • EASY TO USE - Its seemingly simple design is made to be hit with hands, knees, or feet. Hit it! Kick it! Smack it! How long can you keep it off the ground?
  • GREAT FOR SPORT TRAINING – The perfect solo training tool for improving hand-eye and eye-foot coordination. It also helps with extra training in and out of season for volleyball, football and rugby
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR ACTIVITY - Its compact, lightweight design means our Flyer can be used for indoor or outdoor playtime, no matter the size of your space. Play in the garden, at the park or beach!