Zombie Kids Evolution

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ZOMBIES have invaded your school!

Gather your friends together for this co-operative game and come up with the best strategy to beat back these foul creatures!

  • The more you play, the more the game TRANSFORMS!
  • Fulfill SPECIAL MISSIONS and mark your progress using STICKERS!
  • Open MYSTERY ENVELOPES that will enrich the game!
  • Give POWERS to your heroes! MUTATE your zombies!
  • #1 KIDS GAME: Consistently in the lead position of the ranking in the Childrens category on the reference website BoardGameGeek.
  • PARENTS CAN PLAY TOO: While the game may be easy to teach, even parents will be engaged with the strategy and cooperation needed to beat the zombies.
  • FIRST LEGACY GAME FOR KIDS: The simple base rules become more complex every time you play, leveling up as you gain more experience.
  • CHANGE THE GAME AS YOU PLAY: As you complete special missions, mark your progress in the rulebook with stickers, eventually unlocking extra content.
  • 13 UNLOCKABLE ENVELOPES: These envelopes hold additional content that changes the rules and your strategy, keeping you coming back for more!
  • Age 7+
  • 2-4 players