Sensory Sand - 5KG

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Sensory Sand 5 Kilogram
Sensory sand is a kinetic sand in-door sand that moves as you work it in your hands. The sand is easy-to-shape and molds into simple desktop designs. Fill up a large work space or sand tray and experience the sand together.

Product Features:

  • Gluten-Free

  • Dust free

  • Never Dries Out

  • Easy to clean

  • Stain Free

Information for Parents and Teachers

Sensory sand play stimulates and develops children's fine motor and creative playing skills. Sensory Kinetic Sand is the perfect material for open-ended, non-directed play. It leaves no sand or residue on your hands and is great for sensory therapy.

Product Features:

  • Designed for Fine Motor Development

  • Designed for Sensory Development

  • Designed for Cognitive Development

Care and Safety:

  • Store Sensory Sand in a sealed container to keep clean and dust-free.

  • Do not get wet.

  • Age 3+