Simple Machines Stem Kit

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  • Kids Science Kit: Want to do some cool things with your child? Then, Thames & Kosmos Simple Machines is an excellent choice. This STEM experiment kit will help your child learn about the concepts of mechanical physics in a fun manner
  • Practical Learning Resources: Coming with 26 science experiments, your child will learn about all six classic simple machines, including wheels and axles, levers, pulleys, inclined planes, screws, and wedges, as well as gears, with this kit
  • Science Experiments: The experiments included in this science kit will allow kids to get a firm understanding of the basic principles at play before they move onto larger, more complex models to push the machines harder and see how they can work together
  • Superior Design: Featuring an easy, modular building system, this STEM kit comes with a manual featuring clear instructions. It also includes a specially designed spring scale that measures how the machines change the direction and magnitude of forces
  • For Ages 8+: This STEM experiment kit is designed for children aged 8 and above. The building system is durable, easy-to-assemble, and reusable. Great for family bonding, this science kit makes for one of the most interesting gifts for a child